Tips for Maintaining Your Ford Vehicle: From Oil Changes to Tire Rotation

Tips for Maintaining Your Ford Vehicle: From Oil Changes to Tire Rotation | Blog | Oakridge Ford

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Ford Vehicles are a source of pride, and regular maintenance is key to ensure it run smoothly for years to come. Two essential components of this maintenance routine are oil changes and tire rotations. Here are our top four tips for each to keep your Ford in Top-notch condition.

Oil Change Tips

Follow The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Follow along with the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil change intervals. Regular oil changes prevent engine wear and maintain optimal performance. Ford recommends changing the oil every 12,000-16,000 km, depending on the model.

Choose the Right Oilfor Your Vehicle

Selecting the correct oil type is crucial. Ford specifies the oil viscosity suitable for your vehicle in the owner’s manual. The right oil ensures proper lubrication, protecting the engine from wear and tear.

Regularly Checking Your Vehicle Oil Levels

Routinely monitor your oil levels between changes. Low oil levels can lead to engine damage. If you notice a significant drop, adhere to the recommended oil type to maintain proper lubrication.

Professional Oil Change Services

Decide on professional oil changes from your preferred Ford Dealership, Oakridge Ford, to guarantee quality. At Oakridge Ford, our certified technicians use genuine Ford oil and provide a thorough service, including oil filter replacement, ensuring your vehicle’s longevity.

Tire Rotation Tips


Rotate Tire Regularly

Tire rotation promotes everyday wear and extends the lifespan of your tires. Follow Ford’s recommendation to rotate tires every 12,000 to 16,000 kilometres, helping to maintain balanced traction and handling.

Check Tire Pressure

Monitor tire pressure monthly, as improper inflation can lead to uneven tire wear. Ford Provides recommended tire pressure values in the owner’s manual. Having properly inflated tires contributes to better fuel efficiency and a smoother ride.

Alignment Checks

Regularly access your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels can cause uneven tire wear. Schedule a professional alignment checks to prevent further damage if you notice steering issues or uneven tire tread.

Inspect Tread Depth

Periodically examine tire tread depth to ensure it meets safety standards. Uneven wear patterns may indicate alignment issues. Rotate tires promptly and consult a professional if tread wear is uneven or reaches unsafe levels.

Contact Us at Oakridge Ford in London, Ontario

Maintaining your Ford vehicle is effortless with Oakridge Ford. We offer expert advice on Ford oil changes and tire rotations. Our certified technicians use genuine Ford products to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Schedule your maintenance appointments conveniently with Oakridge Ford, your trusted Ford dealership near you.

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